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Larry's Tractor Barn

In Tribute to the American Farmer

Our Friend, Volley Rose
Wheat Harvest at old time reunion
Volley Rose

Larry's take on preserving history in his own words...

Larry Frickenschmidt

Old Time Reunion is being built for my retirement. Never want to sit down and quit…just have too much energy and too many creative ideas to let that happen. When I retire, I’m just going to change from dress shoes to work boots and let the country life guide me along. Never bored, always happy!

I grew up taking care of farm animals, milking cows, crop farming, hauling hay in the summertime and Milk Hauling. My passion has always been for picking up the milk from the farmers and hauling it into the milk plants…the early years, we hauled the milk in 10 gallon cans and then as time went by, I owned several of my own milk routes and drove diesel trucks with big bulk tanks. When I was a little guy, my Dad would take me along on the milk route with him. My Mother use to laugh and relate the stories of early mornings when I was still in bed and I would hear my Dad start the milk truck and I’d go running outside barefoot, still in my pajamas, yelling for him not to go without me!

We had an Amish crew erect a Windmill just to the East of the Tractor Barn last week. It’s a tall reminder of the windmills from my youth. Most of the windmills are gone from this area now, but the fascination of windmills has stayed with me all these years. I decided to find a Windmill for Old Time Reunion to preserve a piece of the past that is rapidly disappearing. Older folks as well as youngsters can enjoy seeing the windmill here at the farm and hopefully will derive pleasure from seeing a piece of history in operation.

We’re planning on building two regulation size horseshoe pits to the south of the windmill. My wife has also purchased a few sets of child’s horseshoe games so the little guys can play nearby while their Dads and Moms are busy pitching horseshoes in the regulation pits.

A few days ago, my friend Volley Rose told me he had a tractor for sale. I finally got around to calling him this morning to discuss it and now, Volley no longer has that tractor for sale. Can you guess why that might be? My wife likes my tractor collection too, so these little Saturday morning tractor deals are just lots of fun. My friend Jack Purinton has a tractor collection that numbers in the hundreds…now That’s A Tractor Collection, boys!

Guess I’ll mosey out to the barn and check on a few things. Until we see you next at Old Time Reunion, keep smilin’ and may the good Lord watch over each one of you!

Discover Larry's Tractor Barn

The Tractor Barn has the production technology to broadcast tractor auctions, automobile auctions and antique auctions, as well as corporate equipment demonstrations and shows as the need for an indoor/outdoor type venue might arise.

For instance, in 2017, we hosted a drone demonstration seminar and fly-over on our farm cropland and then served a catered BBQ business luncheon inside the Legacy Barn to all the seminar speakers and attendees.

The roll-up doors on each end of the Tractor Barn make it possible to bring in a tractor, car or other equipment or merchandise for viewing and move it along, right in front of spectators, as the bidding is occurring. Then progressively roll the ‘Sold’ item out the open overhead door on the opposite end of the barn, as the auction continues.

Tractor shows, car shows, new and vintage farming equipment displays, etc. can be held inside and outside of the Tractor Barn and around the grounds of Old Time Reunion.

Additionally, beginning in spring of 2020, awards can be presented following such shows on the concert stage that is located just inside the new Monitor Barn.

Two Regulation Size Horseshoe Pits will be available to the south of the windmill for your enjoyment this spring. 


To book an Event or an Agricultural Gathering at Larry's Tractor Barn, please CONTACT US.