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A Tribute to the American Farmer

Why We Pay Tribute to the American Farmer

When you look at soil, what do you see? For many people, they see only dirt, but to a Farmer, it's potential! That perspective is known as the American Spirit... a 'Can Do' attitude with a work ethic to follow through and finish the job at hand.
Farmers are the unsung heroes in our lives... They grow the crops and produce the livestock to feed our nation and the world.


We Salute All American Farmer Heroes And Their Families. 

Additionally, "Barns Corner" is a specific name we've chosen to acknowledge the innumerable styles of barns, the important function of each barn style and the absolute necessity of owning a barn to a farming family.
An American Barn is a universal structure that neatly wraps it's protective walls around many of the farms important elements, from livestock to equipment, and stored crops. Even firewood can be stored under a barn's porch overhang to be protected from the unrelenting forces of nature.
Barns are fascinating structures that dot the countryside. We hold a special affinity for American Farmers, their Barns and Windmills. May we never lose sight of the place of importance each of these hold in our great American Heritage Story. 

The great escape back to country life has been years in the making and a true labor of love that Larry & Lois are thrilled to share with guests from all over the world.

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BBQ Smokehouse and Prep Kitchen celebrates farm living and country culture. Our state of the art kitchen caters to Old Time Reunion, Legacy Barn Event Center, and Livery Draught House Grill.

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Our venues offer the latest technology for your corporate meetings and down home Farm Country BBQ for groups, clubs, friends and family.

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